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Grand Teton National Park Government Shutdown

Photo Via: Jackson Hole News & Guide

Photo Via: Jackson Hole News & Guide

If you’ve hit the road and are traveling to Grand Teton National Park this week, we all know you’ve hit one heck of a stop sign. In the interest of avoiding politics, this post serves merely as a detour for the visitor who had high hopes of driving the Jenny Lake loop and listening for an early morning elk bugle under the Cathedral Group. Fear not for the old federales F’in up your plans, here’s a hit list of travel to-do’s ranging from homespun and hardcore to entertain you whilst not visiting GTNP.

Note to hikers: this partial government shutdown allows for two days for backpackers and hikers to leave the premises. Our reccommendation: head straight to the rec center for a shower and try the following:

Actually, before you leave the park: Stop by Dornan’s in Moose for a drink. At least you’ll still get the view and a little pop might take the edge off of your foiled vacation plans.

Ok here we go:

  • Hike/see the sites by taking to grand old Snow King. 1,571feet or 1.8 miles of vert. NBD. 
  • Dine on the town square: Local (burgers/game), Lotus (great hippy food), Snake River Grill (for a well-worth-it splurge).
  • Head to the movies for some good indie action with Franks Fall Film Festival- what luck!
  • National Museum of Wildlife Art: everyone needs a little Remmington in their life, right?
  • Go shopping! There are so many cool art galleries, stores and outdoor gear spots to spend time and/or money.
  • Hike Teton Pass and wet your whistle at the famous Stagecoach at the base of Teton Pass.
  • Teton Village: it’s rather sleepy this time of year, but stare up at that giant of a hill and make a note to return this winter.
  • Spa, baby: Hotel Terra and Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa are both great places to get a massage and soak up some Teton Range views from a rooftop hot tub.
  • Mangy Moose: World Famous Restaurant, Saloon, Bar & Emporium. Nuff’ said.

Believe it or not, there’s more to Jackson than it’s iconic jagged peaks, high-alpine glacial lakes and roaming big game. In fact, it’s an adventure and views around every corner where strangers can find plenty to do without a shutdown in sight.

Howdy Strangers- There's Plenty to do during a shutdown!

Howdy Strangers- There’s Plenty to do during a shutdown!