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The North Face Launches Mountain Athletics with Kit DesLauriers and Local Weekend Warrior

Jackson Hole is for people who are passionate about the mountains both from a recreational and spiritual stance and certainly from a physical fitness stance. That said, Jackson Hole is also for jocks. There is a groundswell of growing  understanding afoot in Jackson underscoring the importance of training off the mountain as much as on. With the introduction of a new place to realize peak physical fitness several years ago, Mountain Athlete has transformed bodies, athletic boundaries and lives of the most elite and understated outdoors people in Jackson. Perhaps you see this mounting movement of emphasis on the limitless possibility of fitness in other areas around the country in the form of cross fit, for example. Mountain Athlete’s approach is seemingly on another level, one that helps residents here realize just that- higher levels. It’s exciting to see that The North Face is picking up on the growing trends and regimens of athletes-in-trainining and providing the perfect apparel to compliment these pursuits with their new line Mountain Athletics.

The North Face Drops Mountain Athletics

The North Face Drops Mountain Athletics

The timely and techie Mountain Athletics line is seemingly launching right in our back door. Jackson Hole- based professional and North Face-sponsored athlete Kit DesLauriers is the out of the gate tester and spokesperson for the new line. Together, she and local ‘weekend warrior’ George Hein are training at Mountain Athlete with Kit as a mentor and Mountain Athlete gym owner and head coach Rob Shaul. Using their story and training regimen among others, The North Face explores what it takes to take on bigger physical feats with respect to training. The multi platform approach and apparel are the perfect inspirational paring.

Ski Mountaineering Training

Ski Mountaineering Training

George and Kit’s story and journey has been at work all winter with hopes of a final test of ski mountaineering for George (with Kit) this spring somewhere in the Tetons.  Kit’s long commitment to sports-specific training and efficiency with the greater goal of going further in the mountains is at the heart of The North Face Mountain Athletics mission.

MA3Setting training goals off the mountain is just as important as on so that, in the words of George, one can ‘work it all out here’ rather than ‘work it out up there.’ ‘Train Smarter’: That’s a Teton truth.


Jackson Hole Snow Report & Spring Skiing Plug

Ten days and dozens of inches of snowfall later, Jackson Hole rests peacefully after a blizardous weekend at 370 inches and counting with more in the pipeline for later in the week.  Check the snow counts that have Jackson Hole catapulted to the top- pretty bananas-we are some lucky ducks up here in the Tetons. It’s a heavenly time to be here, and flights are- well easy and awesome at times if you are in the ever-expanding category of the ‘direct access’ crowd- like SF, Seattle, JFK, Newark and more. The very solid base of 112 means that spring skiing will assuredly be awesome with less rocks than not-that-rocky Vail (for example). If the reader needs any more convincing, let’s take a moment to give a little props to easy breezy Jackson Hole airport experience. A recent trip to the outside world reminded this scribe of part of the beauty of living here. The ease of going through security here- this time, remarkably, no shoes off, no computers out, or even liquids WTHeck? Then, at 6:30 a.m. this:

The Jackson Hole Airport of a Really Cool Lodge Lounge?

The Jackson Hole Airport or a really cool lodge lounge?

I mean, how pleasant is it to sit by a fires hearth whilst in transit to your final destination. When you’re leaving, it’s one lovely final farewell from this truly spectacular place. Beats the heck out of LaGuardia. Deciding where to ski this spring? Think, taken here, soup-to-nuts, in and out,  it’s a pretty obvious choice.


Jackson Hole Presidents Day Weekend in Review

Early Morning Light Captured from the Top of the World by a Local Ski Bum Turned Patroller

Early Morning Light  on Presidents Day Captured from the Top of the World by a Local Ski Bum Turned Patroller

One heck of a weekend in Jackson Hole with loads and loads of snow for all to play in. This last storm cycle saw Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s totals topping the 300″ mark. Currently the total is 319 inches and counting as flakes continue to fly today well toward the weekend. Whoop whoop! The best part of today’s report is the base baby. Yep, Jackson Hole Mountain Resorts snow depths have reached over 100 inch in base, ideal for a continually enjoyable winter and a number that was never realized last year. This is all very good news for the resort and continues to secure it’s status as a top dog in snow totals for the Rocky Mountain region. Another remarkable weekend total has got to be the number of skiers at the hill. Never before has the resort been so visibly teaming with people. No doubt the status that comes with being number one means that the tram line is a consistent four box wait. Coupled with the snow and wind, the place was a zoo but when all is said and done at the end of the day, locals and visitors a like will agree, it skis like a dream.

Jackson Hole Snow Report 300 Inches and Counting!

Just in from the JHMR squawk box: Click the video for fresh face shots!

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

The recent bombardment of storms has brought our snow total to 300 inches with more snow on the way this weekend. Conditions are epic and we hope you are joining in on the fun. Check out the latest Storm Show video edit and have a great holiday weekend in our winter wonderland.

Tory Burch’s Ski Mountain Picks & Ski Jump Love

Via The Tory Burch Blog: Robert Capa's Postwar Euro sunbather beneath the Matterhorn

Via The Tory Burch Blog: Robert Capa’s Postwar Euro sunbather beneath the Matterhorn

Designer and tastemaker apparently has some opinions about ski resorts. Get a glimpse of her favorite slopes spanning from Gstaad to the mountains of Japan. No Jackson Hole love here. Maybe next year. In the meantime, love the props Tory and the gang are giving for the young women taking to the skies of Sochi for the first time at these Olympics. Great little blog post covering mountain culture, style and ski history then (as seen above) and now from your nightly NBC tune-in.

The End of Snow? By Porter Fox

Recent February 7, 2014 New York Times piece written by former Jackson Hole resident Porter Fox begs the essential question of what a world, not just without skiing, rather snow will look like. According to the End of Snow? By Porter Fox, it won’t be pretty. Time to check the ‘writing on the wall’ in this excellent and timely perspective.

A Snowy and Peaceful Backcountry at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Time to start Protecting Our Winters.

A Snowy and Peaceful Backcountry at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Time to start Protecting Our Winters.



Classic Jackson Hole

The Best Western Line Lives On: Rooflines Jackson Hole Style

The Best Western Line Lives On: Rooflines Jackson Hole Style

While the world shifts and moves, buildings rise, fall and are re-named, the best secret lines in Jackson Hole live on. Nothing beats an old Best Western roof drop.

Igneous Skis Jackson Hole

Yes please…straight outta the factory of all things handmade on Gregory Lane.


Igneous Skis These works of art crush and carve like only a those crafted in Jackson Hole.

Igneous Skis are magic on snow, a feast for the senses and sure are easy on the eyes. In look and feel they hold a firm edge on classic and cutting edge.  Custom built to skier specifications since 1995, Igneous founder Adam Sherman spearheaded the re-birth of building skis in the USA. Then and today, the Igneous approach and construction is continually cultivated by Mike Parris from his humbly awesome and magical workshop in Jackson Hole. These boards are usually spotted strutting their stuff off jaw droppers in the Jackson Hole backcountry by local legendary extreme skier and artist Mike Tierney but they have also been seen schussing in Cham. Buy a pair and look and feel as good as they do.