Old Bill’s Fun Run 2013

Old Bill’s is on deck for tomorrow morning, which means it’s time to put on your sneakers – just like you do every second Saturday in September- and take to the streets of downtown Jackson in support of favorite local charities and non-profits. The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole and Mr. and Mrs. Bill have been teaming up since 1997 to offer one of the most successful fundraisers in the country – all centered around the extraordinary programs and non-profits serving the vibrant community of Jackson Hole. Over the past 16 years, the event has helped raise over $91 million for local charities. This year, Old Bill and locals alike are shooting for a cool $100 million.

Here’s a snapshot of 2012’s success from the Community Foundation:

The incredible $8,352,953 distributed in 2012 through Old Bill’s Fun Run represents contributions from 2,915 donors. Designated gifts of $5,963,639 were matched by a pool of $2,389,314 from Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, Co-Challengers and Friends of the Match. The resulting match percentage totaled an amazing 55%, enhancing the impact of every Old Bill’s gift.”

Click here to check the seemingly endless drop-down menu of non-profits to support. Taken from the top down runs an incredible alphabetical gamut from Adoption in the Tetons to Yellowstone Teton Clean Energy Coalition. Take a pick from one or several and support all the highly effective entities that make life here in Jackson Hole that much more grand.