Jane Goodall Visits Jackson Hole

From the Ground to the Cloud: Transforming Chimpanzee Conservation with Hi-Tech Tools

Jane Goodall visits Jackson Hole in an incredible event at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts.

Livestream courtesy of the Jane Goodall Institute

Only in Jackson Hole: “Can’t Make It To See Jane On Tour? Now You Can! On Sunday, September 22, 2013, you can watch a livestream of Jane’s conversation with her friend and colleague Harvard University Professor Richard Wrangham at the Great Apes Summit in Jackson Hole, Wyo.  And if you log on, you’ll also be able to see the world premiere of a new film the Jane Goodall Institute created with Google Earth Outreach that shows how the Institute’s use of high-tech tools is transforming chimpanzee conservation! ”

Just another spectacular example of the caliber of people attracted to interact with the Jackson Hole audience. What could be more special than marching through the streets of downtown Jackson with children a flock of peace doves and then watching one of the most progressive conservationists of her time – Jane Goodall- who even at the age of 80 continues to cultivate her efforts to draw attention to the triumph and the plight of Chimpanzees. The community both local and global at large are grateful for Jane Goodall’s unrivaled vision and dedication to drawing awareness to the wonders of the natural world. Something we are surrounded by here and celebrate in Wyoming and the Teton Range.