Snake River Grill Tapas Specials

Once again, it’s about that mouthwatering time of year around Jackson Hole. Off Season. Never mind the Farmers Market, Harvest Fest or any Food and Wine Auction/event, off season is it’s own hedonistic culinary event combining good food and even better deals.

Certainly off season means a lot of things to different people in Jackson Hole. Some say it’s peaceful and pleasant with no crowds. Others claim, boring and cold and simply opt to evacuate for a stretch of time. But whether you’re a fan or not, everyone resident knows, it’s a good time of year to stock up on your restaurant dining with aggressive meal deals (two-for-ones/roll the dice) and fun nights out with the other folks who are sticking it out till the snow fully flies. And while it’s not full-throtle, rock bottom “off” yet this September 30th (and we will be sure to dedicate some future posts to what that entails), here’s a little ‘taste’ of what’s to come as far as the food and dining part of October November and part of December is concerned.

Feast your eyes on the Tapas platter of offerings Snake River Grill has cooked up for October.

Available Sundays-Thursdays
Full Menu also Available