Jackson Hole Winter Flight Schedule

Most important tid bit to take away from this post: Direct flights to Jackson Hole are on the rise.

United Airlines at Sundown En Route from Denver to Jackson Hole


Last year around this time United announced direct flights from Newark to Jackson Hole- just in time for Christmas.

This year, Delta is hoping on the Metropolitan Area bandwagon and offering direct non-stop flights from JFK to JAC! If you live at the end of the earth (and not saying that we do), it makes a huge difference for long-legs of travel to not switch planes. Put it this way, leave your apartment in Manhattan, head to JFK (forgetting the security part), sit back and have a glass of wine, a little reading and a four-hour+ cat nap…et voila, you’re landing in a National Park (sure it may be closed) and headed seamlessly headed to the hills of one of the most iconic ski resorts on the planet. There are also now direct flights from Houston and Atlanta. Feast your eyes on this spreadsheet and get after booking that winter direct flight from your big, bright city to the bold mountains of the Teton Range and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

It’s never been easier to get your gang to come out and ski the number one (#1) ski resort in North America. Time to leave on that jet plane!