Jackson Hole Snow Report & Spring Skiing Plug

Ten days and dozens of inches of snowfall later, Jackson Hole rests peacefully after a blizardous weekend at 370 inches and counting with more in the pipeline for later in the week.  Check the snow counts that have Jackson Hole catapulted to the top- pretty bananas-we are some lucky ducks up here in the Tetons. It’s a heavenly time to be here, and flights are- well easy and awesome at times if you are in the ever-expanding category of the ‘direct access’ crowd- like SF, Seattle, JFK, Newark and more. The very solid base of 112 means that spring skiing will assuredly be awesome with less rocks than not-that-rocky Vail (for example). If the reader needs any more convincing, let’s take a moment to give a little props to easy breezy Jackson Hole airport experience. A recent trip to the outside world reminded this scribe of part of the beauty of living here. The ease of going through security here- this time, remarkably, no shoes off, no computers out, or even liquids WTHeck? Then, at 6:30 a.m. this:

The Jackson Hole Airport of a Really Cool Lodge Lounge?

The Jackson Hole Airport or a really cool lodge lounge?

I mean, how pleasant is it to sit by a fires hearth whilst in transit to your final destination. When you’re leaving, it’s one lovely final farewell from this truly spectacular place. Beats the heck out of LaGuardia. Deciding where to ski this spring? Think, taken here, soup-to-nuts, in and out,  it’s a pretty obvious choice.