Grand Teton National Park Love



Happy days here in Jackson Hole with less crowds (could really go to town on this topic) and more, less treaded upon, terrain to explore. Here’s a quick note to share a lesser-known excursion suggestion for all you Grand Teton National Park, specifically Jackson Lake area-lovers, out there. As the water has continually receded to supply the greater Idaho farmers needs this summer, water depth on Jackson Lake took a rapid dive. Much to boaters and aqua-lovers chagrin, levels apparently dropped over ten feet per week. Nonetheless, looks as though good times were had by all this summer and now there are little silver lining-like gems to discover in the surrounding lake area. Circumnavigating the road from the dam and Yellowstone-bound there’s a bend and a clearing that reveals one of the more stunning side views of the Teton Range. There’s a pull-out because this spot is a showstopper on a glistening mid-summer day. Even now with seriously receded water levels, the lower-pro profile the famed peaks, incites a curiosity for passers-by. Why? Because, all of a sudden, Jackson Lake offers Bahamian- like stretches of ‘flats’ to explore. One can conceivably walk a couple of miles into the lake where water once rolled over the sandy bottom. Walking or running along the hard-pack silt is an unusual way to experience this iconic lake and it’s unmatched views. Teton Tip of the Day: Pack a picnic and head to the far-out shores of Northeast Jackson Lake and make an memorable evening of it.