Cafe Genevieve Catering for the Holiday


Cafe Genevieve’s food is as warm and good as the restaurant looks this Holiday season.

Since opening it’s doors with acclaimed Southern-inspired cooking a couple years ago, Cafe Genevieve has been warming up local bellies with everything outrageously delicious to carry you through breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cafe Genevieve serves all day and thank goodness because the food is oh-so-comforting and creative and the atmosphere absolutely the same. Today we’re here to shed a little light on the lesser-known, equally yummy, under (pork) belly of the operation, Cafe Genevieve Catering.

While the catering side of the Cafe Genevieve outfit certainly is well versed in weddings and larger events, ¬†perhaps the best concept yet is that of their home cooking coming right to your door. Their team delivers delightful and sometimes decadent staples – just not off the town square. Cafe Genevieve recently launched a new website making it all the more easier to select, stage and serve a mouthwatering meal at home or elsewhere. Genevieve’s classic approach to food is perfect and caloric enough to fit the holiday party bill. Choose form homemade biscuits with ham and pimento cheese, pork belly wrapped in butter lettuce Asian style or this incredible sweet potato dessert-y devil that boggles the senses. Wash it down with some egg nog and famed pig candy (also perfect as a stocking stuffer) and you’ve got one heck of a holiday party ¬† happening. So properly deck the halls with good food this Jackson Hole holiday season with Cafe Genevieve Catering.