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Grand Teton National Park Love



Happy days here in Jackson Hole with less crowds (could really go to town on this topic) and more, less treaded upon, terrain to explore. Here’s a quick note to share a lesser-known excursion suggestion for all you Grand Teton National Park, specifically Jackson Lake area-lovers, out there. As the water has continually receded to supply the greater Idaho farmers needs this summer, water depth on Jackson Lake took a rapid dive. Much to boaters and aqua-lovers chagrin, levels apparently dropped over ten feet per week. Nonetheless, looks as though good times were had by all this summer and now there are little silver lining-like gems to discover in the surrounding lake area. Circumnavigating the road from the dam and Yellowstone-bound there’s a bend and a clearing that reveals one of the more stunning side views of the Teton Range. There’s a pull-out because this spot is a showstopper on a glistening mid-summer day. Even now with seriously receded water levels, the lower-pro profile the famed peaks, incites a curiosity for passers-by. Why? Because, all of a sudden, Jackson Lake offers Bahamian- like stretches of ‘flats’ to explore. One can conceivably walk a couple of miles into the lake where water once rolled over the sandy bottom. Walking or running along the hard-pack silt is an unusual way to experience this iconic lake and it’s unmatched views. Teton Tip of the Day: Pack a picnic and head to the far-out shores of Northeast Jackson Lake and make an memorable evening of it.

Yellowstone National Park: For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People



It’s almost September and that means it’s one of the more enjoyable times to take advantage of the splendor and wonder of Jackson Hole’s neighboring Yellowstone National Park – sans swarms of people. Several routes lead to the hots spots and pots- Old Faithful to Mammoth and all the way to the far reaches of the remote Lamar Valley- home of the wolves, which seem to love to come out when the temperature drops.

They say fall in Jackson Hole users in a different type of tourist- most of which are GTNP or Yellowstone-bound- and they are subtly known as the ‘newlyweds and the nearly deads.’ No offense to this societally celebrated demographic with that comment by the way. On the contrary, this rare combination of visitor is a most pleasant breed of tourist to the region. The pleasant people walking around the park, along with the wildlife and the foliage of course, makes for one of the best National Park conditions all year. As you make your way to Jackson Hole this fall or find that you’re lucky enough to live here, be sure to make your way up north to the take full advantage of what they were intended for: preservation of natural beauty and the benefit and enjoyment of the people.

Great Real Estate News from The Ground in Jackson Hole

Straight out of the Jackson Hole Sotheby’s International blogosphere, a chief guru,

Ed Liebzeit writes and reports the following great news:

“Real Estate Volumes at Best Levels in 6 YearsSecond Quarter 2013 unit sales soar”

“Second quarter 2013 unit sales  soared 62% over 2012.  In fact, year over year unit volumes have improved in 11 of the last 12 quarters reinforcing the trend of continued market recovery in Jackson Hole.

Total sales volume in Jackson Hole  rose an impressive 45% Q2 2013 vs. Q2 2012.   All areas of the Valley experienced solid growth.

Single family homes led the upsurge in activity with exceptionally robust growth in both unit sales and volume, up 128% and 150%, respectively.

January to June sales were the strongest we have seen in six years with volume up 46% and unit sales 50% ahead of the same period last year. We are seeing growth in all areas of Jackson Hole with properties north of town and those south of town more than doubling previous year’s activity. Volume and unit sales were up across the price categories we track as well, low to high.

With active listings down 16% from 2012 and unit sales up 50%, our months of supply have declined substantially.

The included slides provide some of the detail referenced above but please contact me for additional information on the market.”


The Mountain Collective

Decisions, decisions…It’s August, which around here usually means that skiers are contemplating whether to buy the old ski pass at August prices Aug 1-31 at a discount- or play the game.  Usually that involves seeing if somehow said village rat junkies can scare one up in the following fashion:

a. )work one out by working at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort


b.) score one up by getting a job with participating local vendor, securing a palatable price at a discount later in the calendar year

But for all of you who don’t live here and are thinking this could be your winter to ski The Big One but you’re not sure how deep you wanna go and maybe  still want to hit your old standby just outside SLC (a little place called Alta), then BEHOLD:

Mountain CollectiveThere’s not much else you need to contemplate with an all-star lineup like the big boys listed above. The Mountain Collective is the all access answer to the coastal-dwelling or will-travel-for shredding-powder set. Buy one of these babies and your guaranteed a good time not only here in Jackson Hole but also the likes of Aspen, ‘The Bird’ and Squaw. For those truly adventurous travelers, this years pass takes you across country lines for even bigger and more promising ones (except for those found in Jackson Hole of course) to Whistler/Blackcomb. Not bad eh?


Four Seasons Jackson Hole Refresh

Here’s a look at a beautifully re-done Four Seasons Jackson Hole Residence.

The Four Seasons Jackson Hole- Re-Fresh

The Four Seasons Jackson Hole- Re-Fresh

Designer Paul Duesing Partners of Dallas, renowned designer who has worked with other Four Seasons as well as many other resorts completed this refresh including new carpet and paint throughout, soft goods and lighting.

Modern, western design that brings the colours of the outdoors in and highlights the natural materials of stone, granite and wood.

Enjoy the luxury of the Mobil rated 5 Star Four Seasons Jackson Hole. This entirely refreshed 2 bedroom 2.5 bath fully furnished condominium features valley views and includes access to all of the world class services and amenities of the hotel.

Jeff Ward takes you on a tour of the Four Seasons:


Concerts on the Commons at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Concert on Commons  Photo Via The Mountain Pulse, Kevin Wittig

Concert on Commons Photo Via The Mountain Pulse, Kevin Wittig

While we’re rolling on the topic of music in the Tetons, get a load of what Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village has been cooking up every Sunday. Some stellar acts have graced the pleasant new-ish Piazza – more commonly known as the Commons (or- ok- let’s just try to keep the euro vibe and call it ‘Le Commons’).

Here’s Le Lineup

Yep, lots has changed out way yonder in Teton Village. Sundays are no longer sleepy, rather bubbling a la a pop jet fountain with locals and visitors alike. It’s just awesome to see…and hear. So lively, easy going and a great place to hang out on actual grass under the tram and tune out and in with your gaggle of kids or gang of friends. Been going more than a few years by now and every season sees increasing crowds. Must be the free thing? Time for a shout out to the Teton Village Association and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort! Thankfully there’s good food stands standing around from everyone’s favorite old sandbys like Teton Thai and the almost- gone Village Cafe. Overall it’s a good old time on the commons. Pre- concert activity and entertainment pursuits to nicely compliment the concerts include the following:

  • Grab and oxygen tank and hike to the “Top of the World” AKA known as Rendezvous Bowl for top notch 360 Teton Views as far as the eye can see…or at least to Idaho. 10, 4??? ft NBD.
  • Grab a six pack and bring it on the Tram (but do not consume whilst in Big Red) for a quick, scenic and-ok- a little bit lazy – trip to the top. Buy those waffles while you’re at it. We hear they’re delish!
  • Shoot for the middle: take the Gondola to the The Deck at the Couloir for a little happy hour action that sure is easy on the eyes in the views department. This is the point where it makes sense to travel up for a drink. For some reason, doesn’t work as well in the winter- right?

More from the thriving metropolis of Teton Village in later, equally as thrilling posts! But in the meantime, enjoy that summer boogie sun everyone.

Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival Turns 26

Get in the car-  van or camper, whatever floats your boat- buckle up and also sit back and relax…The 26th Annual Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival is upon us.

Festivals at Grand Targhee Light Up the Night

Festivals at Grand Targhee Light Up the Night

TGIF never feels as good as on the eve of another outdoor weekend of musical delights at the ‘Ghee. All kinds of folks flock to hear a favored genre and get down to some of the best Bluegrass musicians in the biz. Grand Targhee morphs into a mountain oasis where time stands still and there’s just concern for taking in the sun or an evening breeze under the stars while ace pickers provide the soundtrack to another golden weekend in the mountains.

Here’s a snap of what’s on deck: 

Sam Bush Band, Infamous Stringdusters, Trampled By Turtles, Elephant Revival, Green Sky Bluegrass…Basically everyday it’s on from 2 pm till the Trap Bar shuts down. There will be loads of tents, blankets, good old impromptu string sessions and great admirers of bluegrass from far and wide on their way up the little big hill to Grand Targhee. It’s an annual event here in the Tetons- a tradition- that’s got just as much spirit as it does talent. See you at the Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival! 


New York City Ballet MOVES at Jackson Hole Center for the Arts

New York City Ballet MOVES presented by Dancer’s Workshop at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts is the biggest cultural event on deck this week in JH.

JH Center for the Arts: An Incredible Space

JH Center for the Arts: An Incredible Space

While continued commitment of event attendance and financial support of the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts is essential, think it’s still appropriate and fun to share a hot little tip for how you can see these ballerinas for free on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon before the rest of the while wide Jackson Hole world does.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013: 3:00-4:30 pm Open Rehearsal

Thursday, August 8, 2013: 3:00-4:30 pm Open Rehearsal

What could be better than ducking into the Center for the Arts for an afternoon of open and free rehearsals right? Maybe just going to see the performance in the flesh on Friday or Saturday night. The Jackson Hole community is beyond fortunate to have such a truly glorious and inspiring space to attract the worlds best acts, artists and performers. The patrons are supportive but no doubt the dedicated staff including the team behind Dancers Workshop are to thank for this most remarkable event. Whether you’re at open rehearsals or are lucky to catch New York City Ballet MOVES as more of the real deal, make a point to head to the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts and pretend like you’re in Manhattan taking in the best dancers on the planet who just so happen to be in these mountains.