Yellowstone National Park: For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People



It’s almost September and that means it’s one of the more enjoyable times to take advantage of the splendor and wonder of Jackson Hole’s neighboring Yellowstone National Park – sans swarms of people. Several routes lead to the hots spots and pots- Old Faithful to Mammoth and all the way to the far reaches of the remote Lamar Valley- home of the wolves, which seem to love to come out when the temperature drops.

They say fall in Jackson Hole users in a different type of tourist- most of which are GTNP or Yellowstone-bound- and they are subtly known as the ‘newlyweds and the nearly deads.’ No offense to this societally celebrated demographic with that comment by the way. On the contrary, this rare combination of visitor is a most pleasant breed of tourist to the region. The pleasant people walking around the park, along with the wildlife and the foliage of course, makes for one of the best National Park conditions all year. As you make your way to Jackson Hole this fall or find that you’re lucky enough to live here, be sure to make your way up north to the take full advantage of what they were intended for: preservation of natural beauty and the benefit and enjoyment of the people.