The Mountain Collective

Decisions, decisions…It’s August, which around here usually means that skiers are contemplating whether to buy the old ski pass at August prices Aug 1-31 at a discount- or play the game. ¬†Usually that involves seeing if somehow said village rat junkies can scare one up in the following fashion:

a. )work one out by working at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort


b.) score one up by getting a job with participating local vendor, securing a palatable price at a discount later in the calendar year

But for all of you who don’t live here and are thinking this could be your winter to ski The Big One but you’re not sure how deep you wanna go and maybe ¬†still want to hit your old standby just outside SLC (a little place called Alta), then BEHOLD:

Mountain CollectiveThere’s not much else you need to contemplate with an all-star lineup like the big boys listed above. The Mountain Collective is the all access answer to the coastal-dwelling or will-travel-for shredding-powder set. Buy one of these babies and your guaranteed a good time not only here in Jackson Hole but also the likes of Aspen, ‘The Bird’ and Squaw. For those truly adventurous travelers, this years pass takes you across country lines for even bigger and more promising ones (except for those found in Jackson Hole of course) to Whistler/Blackcomb. Not bad eh?